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TO XIII v Leigh – Useful information

The long-awaited game between Toulouse Olympique XIII and Leigh Centurions will finally take place this Saturday, the 16th of June (kick off at 3:30pm). Listed below are all the useful things to know to fully enjoy the match experience.

Kick-off at 3.30 pm -> Gates open at 1.30 pm

The stadium gates will open at 1.30pm. Please don’t hesitate to come early to take full advantage of the Club shop, the food and refreshments stalls and the various entertainments.

East Stand: 10€

 (5€ for people who are unemployed or have reduced mobility, upon presentation of official proof)

East stand: FREE for under 16’s, high school and university students.

Grand Stand: 15€

Even if under 16’s may enter free of charge, they still are obliged to pass via the ticket barriers to receive viable tickets. These will be available at all the ticket barriers/boxes upon presentation of proof of the age.

Please take note of the different types of ticket boxes available so as to avoid prolonged waiting (specific payments, specific status..)

5 ticket boxes will be opened for the occasion :

  • To the left of the main entrance there will be 3 ticket boxes:
    • One uniquely reserved for payments via debit cards
    • Two others reserved for payments by cash or cheque
  • To the right of the main entrance, two ticket boxes will be available:
    • One box where it will be possible to pay via either cash or cheque.
    • One box reserved for students and also for picking up tickets bought online, invitations and accreditations.

The TO tokens on sale everywhere – Anticipate !

All consummations within the Arena are to be paid with tokens (3€ = 1 token). To limit waiting time, you can buy tokens from any of several stalls dedicate to the purpose:

  • at the entrance to the grand stand
  • at the entrance to the East stand
  • opposite the drinks stand behind the East stand
  • In front of the grand marquis at half time and afterwards during the post-game reunion.

The re-usable Toulouse cups

Available at every token stand situated near the drink stands, the re-usable cups will be exchanged against a deposit of 1€. You can then recuperate the deposit at the end of the game from any of the token stands. People are also free to keep the cups if they wish so for their own personnel use at home.

The TO drink stands available all around the Stadium

The many TO drink stands will be evenly spaced around the stadium so as to allow you to choose between the many different beverages, sandwiches and French fries baskets available. The stands can be found:

  • On the left going towards the Grand stand (food only)
  • 2 stands underneath the grand stand (drinks only)
  • Behind the East stand (drinks and food)
  • Inside the grand Marquis at the end of the game for the post-match ‘Bodega’.

The Toulouse Shop

From 1:30pm onwards the team responsible for the TO boutique will be happy to welcome you to either of their two shops within the stadium. One to the left of the main entrance near the Grand Stand and the other to the right as you head towards the East Stand.

The brand new 2018 spring collection is waiting for you including the collector Tshirt for the Game especially commissioned for the occasion and at only 10€ for adults and 8€ for kids!