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TO august games at Carcassonne and Albi – Opening of the ticket office

In just a month, the Toulouse Olympique XIII will play its first relocated match in Carcassonne (TO v Swinton on 19/08) before going to Albi the following week (TO v Barrow 26/08), in the enclosures of Albert DOMEC and Mazicou.

The ticket office is now open to support the Olympians in these two historic bastions of rugby league.

Although these cities are rich in terms of rugby culture, they also have a rich heritage of scale. Here are some places to visit to enhance your visit to the 2 TO XIII matches in August.



Let yourself be enchanted by Carcassonne’s medieval architecture with an accessible tour.

The Bastide Saint-Louis district, located between the Canal du Midi and the River Aude and opposite the Cité Médiévale, has a long history. It boasts sublime architecture, from townhouses to religious buildings. The colorful facades of the town center are a feast for the eyes!

Once you’ve crossed the Pont-Vieux, you’ll arrive at the unmissable Cité Médiévale (Medieval City), which is still inhabited, boasts 52 towers and 2 walls totaling 3km in length. Open day and night, through the Porte Narbonnaise and the Porte d’Aude, a large part of the Cité Médiévale can be visited freely. Take advantage of the guided tours offered by the Tourist Office throughout the year, day and evening!

Last but not least, discover the Lac de La Cavayère, a veritable haven of peace. A place to stroll and relax, you’ll find picnic areas, pedalos, inflatable water games, waterski lifts, wakeboarding, paddle, several beach-volleyball courts, 3 beaches with lifeguards in season, and a forest acrobatic park.


Practical information

Toulouse Olympique XIII v Swinton Lions

Saturday August 19th, 6pm

Stade Albert Domec, Av. du Général Sarrail, 11 000 Carcassonne

Carcassonne Tourist Office :

Getting around Carcassonne :

Bus booking from Arnauné stadium

Ticket office



Just an hour from Toulouse, the TO v Barrow meeting is the perfect opportunity to discover the capital of the Tarn region.

Wherever you arrive from, you’ll find Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, the largest brick cathedral in the world, towering proudly over the city. Its unique Gothic style and military appearance set it apart from other cathedrals.

The Palais de la Berbie, otherwise known as the palace of the bishops of Albi, is built on a naturally fortified site, overlooking the river Tarn. Classified as a historic monument in 1862, it is one of the best-preserved episcopal palaces in France.

The Palace and Sainte-Cécile Cathedral form a striking and unique ensemble in the Episcopal City, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010.

4 medieval quarters to explore within the Cité épiscopale

  • Castelviel, opposite the cathedral bell tower and on the outskirts of the ancient medieval fortifications, is the cradle of the city.
  • Castelnau, a picturesque district with wide, straight streets, is the symbol of the modern subdivision of the town in the 12th century.
  • The ring- or wheel-shaped village of Saint-Salvi surrounds the collegiate church and the Saint-Salvi cloister.
  • The Combes and banks of the Tarn, including the Pont-vieux, built between 1035 and 1040, is the key to the town’s commercial prosperity in the Middle Ages, and is one of the oldest bridges in France.


Practical information

Toulouse Olympique XIII v Barrow Raiders

Saturday August 26th, 5pm

Stade Mazicou, 81 000 Albi

Albi Tourist Office :

Getting around Albi :

Bus booking from Arnauné stadium

Ticket office


Something to spend memorable weekends between culture and rugby league!

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